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A practical guide for building a retirement system that serves all Americans and fuels long-term economic growth

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Preventing a retirement crisis with a bold new vision

Americans face a looming crisis because millions of people near retirement age have little money saved. Confronting this challenge head on, Robert L. Reynolds, a builder of workplace savings plans since the 1980s, lays out a vision of retirement security for all Americans.

Giving direction to America’s retirement debate

In From Here to Security, Reynolds argues for building on the two pillars of our current system — Social Security and workplace savings plans — by making wise policy decisions to enhance their effectiveness.

The Workplace Savings 4.0 agenda

Reynolds offers common-sense policy proposals to build a 21st-century retirement system. He calls on lawmakers to:

  • Preserve and expand existing savings incentives
  • Give more workers access by allowing multi-employer plans
  • Create Saver’s Credits for employers who establish workplace plans
  • Bring part-time, freelance, and contract workers into the system
  • Provide tax incentives to promote lifetime income options
  • Allow retirees to make tax-free withdrawals for health insurance or medical care

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January 11, 2018

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Robert L. Reynolds

With more than three decades of distinguished leadership in the investment management industry, Robert L. Reynolds is regarded as a driving force of innovation and progress in institutional and retail financial services, and a thought leader in retirement industry development and policy. Currently he is President and CEO of Boston-based Putnam Investments and Denver-based Great-West Financial, and provides leadership and strategic direction to Empower Retirement, the retirement division of Great-West Financial.

For more than 30 years, Mr. Reynolds has been committed to making workplace savings plans achieve their full potential as tools to help people achieve retirement readiness. He has focused on growing and strengthening the 401(k) plan as a key component of the nation’s retirement system.

Mr. Reynolds's tireless advocacy for reforming and revitalizing the nation’s public and private retirement system is widely recognized. He has addressed countless industry organizations and think tanks across the globe, written numerous white papers, and provided testimony for Congress on all aspects of retirement policy. Over the past decade, Mr. Reynolds has become a prolific blogger, using all channels of social media including his LinkedIn Influencer page, to discuss challenges and opportunities in the retirement industry.

Robert L. Reynolds,  President & CEO Great West Financial & Putnam Investments Robert L. Reynolds Mobile Bio Pic

Community Involvement

Mr. Reynolds currently serves on several not-for-profit boards, including those of West Virginia University Foundation, Concord Museum, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, and the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association Foundation. He is Chairman of the Boston Advisory Board of the American Ireland Fund and a member of the Massachusetts General Hospital President’s Council, the Massachusetts High Technology Council Executive Committee, the Chief Executives Club of Boston, and the Council on Competitiveness.